Al Ansaf al khalijya general trading co.

In 2004, ALANSAF AL KHALIJYA GENERAL TRADING CO. was since developing in becoming a key player in the middle east region. Today, we are privileged to connect with numerous customers and business by specializing in beauty and fashion

Al ANSAF, professionalism and dedication are at the heart of what we offer. Our team comprises of commercial, marketing, logistics, and supply chain management experts with local and international experience to provide comprehensive retail management and support solution. With sheer dedication and unparalleled commitment, we strive to provide highly personalized service to give a holistic customer experience to our valuable clients. Our network of expertise is spread across the globe with office in Kuwait, Dubai and India to overcome every milestone with integrity and perseverance.

Product Distribution

Al Ansaf Al Khalijiya is the sole distributor for brands such as Organic Harvest and Jeuvenile etc. We currently supply to Co-operative societies, a significant chain of pharmacies and E-commerce platforms. Our skillful marketing team ensures good penetration of the brands in the market through using key digital marketing techniques.

Our Divisions